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Arlene is an intuitive who works with Spirit and the living to give messages of comfort and connection. 

She is a conduit who brings peace, joy and love in healing energy to those who seek it.

Arlene works with different modalities all relative to working with energy and Source to provide her clients a unique experience specific to them. 

Arlene's passion for people shows in her work.

To learn more about Arlene check out the About section in this website.



Arlene is an amazingly warm and trustworthy healer that makes you feel immediately comfortable to open up and be in a safe place to share. As soon as the session began I could feel an overwhelming calmness and undeniable presence of energy and my team with me helping to heal. She doesn't need you to disclose what comes up for events that have happened in the past, as she was able to clear any cords or stuck energy or events without having to dive in and talk about them, which I found very welcoming. Since our last session I keep wanting to go back, as I left feeling so much lighter and grounded. She also did a clearing on my home and I could immediately feel the shifting and lightness of the space during that session as well. I am very grateful for Arlene's guidance and can't wait for another session.



Dave C.

I had a personal reading done by Arlene and I found myself so comfortable with her immediately.    I have never met her before and the information she provided to me from my spirit family was incredibly detailed and accurate and touched me to my core.  I felt like I could have talked to her for hours.   Her warm and compassionate words and genuine kindness made me feel that I was talking with a life long friend.   I would recommend Arlene to anyone for guidance and a reading from the spirit universe.   

Thanks again Arlene and look forward to our next spirit connection!

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