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Arlene is a wife, mother of four children, she owns and operates her own business primarily in the area of metaphysics along with energy work. She is a psychic and medium, Level Two Reiki Practitioner, energy worker and a certified meditation teacher. 


Arlene is a lifelong intuitive. She had her first connection to angels at five years old. Her intuition has led her for her whole life. She believes if you lead with her heart it will never fail you.

Her passion is people. Prior to her changing her direction in her career she was a public service employee who worked front line for the Government of Alberta over 20 years. During her professional career she would take courses that she was interested in or brought to her.

She believes part of her purpose is to help bring healing to those seeking it. And that God/Creator/Source works through her not with her. She believes that she can’t take credit solely for her treasures, gifts and abilities.

Arlene is always open to sharing and teaching those who seek knowledge and understanding. She shares freely to those who may have questions.

One of the things we all have to do is learn in this life is Who Am I. We won’t learn entirely who we are in this life time, but the more we know who we were born to be, the freer our lives are and that allows others and shows them they can be that too.

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